May 26, 2001, Letter to Scott Hennessy and James Colangelo Challenging the Flow Chart Exhibit "C" and Requesting Additional Detailed Information About Action on Measure "A" and the Pebble Beach Development Application Process

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 May 26, 2001

James J. Colangelo, Assistant Monterey County Admin. Officer and
Scott Hennessy, Director Monterey County Planning Department
240 Church Street, Salinas, CA 93902

 Subject: California Coastal Commissioners Field Trip in Del Monte Forest and Monterey County Planning Dept. May 9, 2001 Presentation Document - Exhibit C - "County Development Application Process and Submittal of Measure A"

Dear Mr. Colangelo and Mr. Hennessy,

Our Steering Committee would appreciate receiving additional written information on the subject Presentation Document distributed by Jeff Main of the Planning Department during the field tour of the Del Monte Forest for Coastal Commissioners and guests on May 9, 2001.

The Exhibit C document (copy enclosed) provides a time-line flow chart listing action to be taken by the County on Measure A, (the voter approved zoning changes and amendments to the Del Monte Forest Land Use Plan), and the pending Pebble Beach Company development application for expansion of resort complexes, etc. in the Forest.

This document indicates that "Coastal Commission Review and Certification" of Measure A and "Final Approval" of the Development Application will take place at the same time. We strongly believe, as many others do, that the processing of zoning changes and amendments to the DMFLUP must be completed by the Coastal Commission and the County prior to any public hearings and action by the County and Coastal Commission on the Pebble Beach Company's development application.

Both Measure A and the Pebble Beach Company's application are much too complicated to be acted upon concurrently as the flow chart indicates. We believe the public will find it extremely difficult to separate the issues and as a result will be overwhelmed by the process. Clearly, the Pebble Beach Company's application is dependent upon Coastal Commission actions on Measure A. Concurrent actions on these two separate issues seems to be illogical.

Further, the flow chart on processing the development application does not list the required action by the Coastal Commissioners prior to final approval.

Residents throughout the County who are concerned about how and when the County and Coastal Commissioners will act on Measure A and the pending application for development in the Forest require more information. Therefore, we respectfully request additional written detailed information on these important matters.

Your cooperation in providing this information is appreciated.


/s/Ted R. Hunter

/s/Carl E. Nielsen


cc: Peter Douglas. Executive Director California Coastal Commission
Tami Grove, Deputy Director California Coastal Commission
Monterey County Board of Supervisors
Adrienne Grover, Monterey County Counsel
Sally Reed, Monterey County Chief Administrative Officer
Jeff Main, County Senior Planner
Concerned Residents of Pebble Beach and Monterey County Steering Comm.

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